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The Language of Plants

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Plants-nice but boring? This book will change your mind! Open it and see how they talk without tongue, listen without ears, see without eyes, breathe without lungs, and behave intelligently without brain. Recent scientific findings will make you treat the plants with respect and admiration.
Do plants have superpowers we have overlooked? Recent scientific findings have shaken our traditional view of plants. Now we know that plants not only take an interest in the world around them, but they react to it too. Explore with us the depths of the plant soul, and learn how plants converse, help one another, fight together, what they remember, and how plant mail works.

Helena Harastova graduated in Dramaturgy at the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Czechia and used to work for the National Theatre in Brno. Now she works mainly as a writer and a translator from English and Russian and is also fully engaged by her duties as a mom.

Darya Beklemesheva has a higher art education, and in addition, she is constantly improving her qualifications by studying at various courses and workshops, participating in exhibitions and international competitions. She works in collage technique.