How does the subscription work?

Give yourself (or someone else) the gift that keeps growing! Our subscription boxes are filled with plants, plant care items and home decor and lifestyle accessories. We include care tips to help your plant thrive. We hand-pick the contents of each month's box and add in a few little surprises too! 


How do I manage my monthly subscription?

Create your profile to log in and manage your subscription at  https://viplantshop.com/account/register


Your subscription boxes are sold out? How can I get an email when they are available again?

We have a limited number of monthly boxes available in our subscriptions. Join the waitlist to be notified when spots become available!


Do I get to choose my plant in the monthly subscription box?

Part of the fun of our monthly subscription box is the surprise! We don't offer custom plant selection for our subscription boxes at this time. 


What are the best beginner-friendly plants?

Though we make an effort to stock plants that are easy to care for and resilient, we understand some plants are needier than others. If you are looking for plants that have an independent spirit (aka won't die if you forget to ask your neighbour to water them while on a week-long vacation) we've got you covered. Try a ZZ plant, snake plant, or the ever-popular pothos. 


How does sizing work? 

We list plants based on the size of the nursery pot in which they are currently growing. These pots are measured by their diameter. A "4-inch" size refers to the diameter of the pot, not the height. A "12-inch Snake Plant" is typically about 4ft tall, for example. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to viplantshop@gmail.com


Do you offer Canadian shipping?

We do not ship plants (except in rare circumstances). We do ship hard goods like planters, please inquire at viplantshop@gmail.com.