Teal Eco Wall Planter

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Wally Eco Vertical Garden Wall Planter design will turn even the blackest of thumbs green. With its sleek design and simple assembly, growing a vertical garden has never been easier. Simply mount the wall bracket, fill the Wally Eco, and hang; 3 easy steps to bringing your walls to life!

Size: 8 h x 11.75 w x 8” d

Suggested soil volume: ~15 cups or 4.25 quarts of tightly packed soil with one 6" or 8'' plant with a depth of 5"

Suggested plant volume: One 6” diameter plant or an 8" potted vining plant

Material: 100% recycled milk jugs (HDPE) BPA Free

What's included: 1 basket, divider, mounting bracket, anchor, and screw

How to water: water to the rear of the planter weekly about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of water, depending on plant size. About once every month or two, remove the planter off the wall and water from the top of the soil

Plants not included