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Signature Stone Planter with Tray

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This light grey planter is marbled with white stone to give the appearance of concrete while still being lightweight and eco-friendly!

This versatile planter is made with 100% recycled plastics. 

This planter is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and comes with an optional drainage plug.

3 inch: 3.5in Width x 3in Height (3.25in Opening Diameter | 3in Bottom Diameter) 

4 inch - 4.75in Width x 4.75in Height (4.25in Opening Diameter | 3in Bottom Diameter)

7 inch - 7in Width x 6.3in Height (6.4in Opening Diameter | 4.75 Bottom Diameter)

9 inch - 9in Width x 7.85in Height (8.5in Opening Diameter)

12 inch - 12.75in Width x 11.4in Height (12in Opening Diameter | 11in Bottom Diameter)

16 inch - 16in Width x 16in Height (16in Opening Diameter / 16in Bottom Diameter)