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Resurrection Plant

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Name: Selaginella lepidophylla

AKA: Rose of Jericho, Dinosaur Plant, Stone Moss

Why we love it: An easy to care for plant, the Resurrection Plant can survive years without water! This plant can be grown in soil or in a pebble tray with a small amount of water. They will need periods to dry out completely if kept in water. 

Light: Moderate to bright indirect light, avoid direct light. Keep away from drafty locations as they are sensitive to temperature changes. 

Water: This plant can be grown in a shallow pebble tray or in soil. If in a pebble tray it will require periods to fully dry out to prevent root rot. Frequent resurrections can be hard on the plant so either plant it or keep it dormant for longer periods with occasional waterings. They are sensitive to water quality so use filtered or distilled water.  

Pet Friendly? No, this plant is mildly toxic to pets. 

Note: This plant is not to be confused with Anastatica hierochuntica which will resemble the revival of Selaginella lepidophylla but is a different function. 

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