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LECA Starter Kit

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LECA is a porous and reusable material that is ideal for semi-hydro plant growing. This kit will provide you with the products and know-how to get started with LECA! The materials included will be enough to transfer a 4'' plant (or smaller) into LECA.

The Kit includes:

  • A printed LECA starter Guide. Online LECA Starter Guide
  • A 3.5'' net pot (will fit any standard 4'' cover pot)
  • 150g of LECA
  • Semi-hydro nutrient trio pack (the nutrients included will make approximately 24L of nutrient solution for your semi-hydro set up)
    • 1 oz bottle of MICRO
    • oz bottle of BLOOM
    • 1 oz bottle of GROW
  • Graduated pipette

Plants and ceramic cover pots are sold separately.