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This clay media is used as a soil substitute for your indoor plants. LECA stands for "Lightweight expanded clay aggregate" and is great for propagation, preventing pests, and regulating water. 

Getting Started : LECA needs to be cleaned before use. It's best to use a strainer or two bucket system to ensure the water is getting replaced. It's ready when the water runs clear - typically takes 4-5 cycles.

  • Any plant can be placed in LECA so long as the roots are completely clean of soil. Even small specs of soil can cause rot.
  • There are many options for pots, the most popular - and most cost effective - is glass or plastic containers. This works well if you want to see the roots and water levels, but makes it difficult to test the water PH and will eventually develop algae. The other option to look for is a water wicking system. These are typically two-piece systems connected by a microfibre/cotton string. This way the LECA will grab moisture as it needs it.
  • The most important aspect of LECA is ensuring your water has the proper nutrients. Its best to start with filtered or distilled water so it has no pre-existing minerals. The easiest solution is a gallon of water with 1/4-1/2 of the recommended amount from a tropical plant fertilizer. This will not be sustainable long term so its best to do your research and determine what additional nutrients you need.

It may seem intimidating to make the switch to LECA, but for some plant parents it's a much better option. If you want to reduce pests, reduce weekly watering maintenance, or have a reusable growing media, consider the switch!

The LECA comes in a resealable bag.

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