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Anacampseros Sunrise

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Name: Anacampseros telephiastrum 'Variegata'

AKA: Anacampseros telephiastrum 'Sunrise', Anacampseros 'Sunrise'

Why we love it: This rose-coloured creeping succulent is a striking addition to any arid collection. The new growth begins as light lime green and deepens before flushing to a deep shade of pink.

Light: Grow this succulent in ample bright indirect (tolerates some direct sun) to maintain full, compact growth habit and vibrant colours.

Water: Water every 2-3 weeks if it is in direct light. Be sure to allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

Pet Friendly? Yes, this plant is pet-safe.

Plants are sold in their nursery pots. Ceramic pots and baskets are sold separately.