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Green Kami Paper Planter

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Versatile and flexible, these planters are made out of recycled Kraft paper material with detailed stitching on the side to hold a natural silhouette. Use as indoor planters or as storage baskets to add an eco-touch to your home. Because they do not contain an inner lining, they are also completely biodegradable if you do wish to shred it and scatter it in your compost bin. Each comes with a matching saucer to catch any leftover water moisture after watering. 

If you want to use it as a planter, please take the nursery pot out for watering and place it back on the saucer afterwards. Try to leave your plant in the nursery pot to avoid the planter retaining too much moisture.


  • 5" Paper Planter: 5in Width x 4.5in Height
  • 4" Saucer: 4.5" Width x .75in Height