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Archetto – Transparent Wall Mount for The Aspect

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The Archetto is an Italian Made modern style pendant lighting mount, perfect for hanging the Aspect from your wall.

Archetto is a patented product; it was born from an idea of Achille Novarino and was designed by Albo Design studio.

Product Dimensions: 13.2″ from the bottom of base to the top of curve – 1.6″ wide – 15.75″ extended from the wall

What's Included:

  • Can be quickly and easily installed with the included mounting kit.
  • The shape of the Archetto resembles an arch and makes it possible to hang the Aspect™ anywhere.
  • Light structure made with transparent polycarbonate
  • Compatible with all Aspect™ units
  • Click here for the Instruction Manual

*Aspect grow light sold separately - this listing is for the mount only.

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 6 × 2 in


Maximum Weight

7.44 lbs / 3,375 kg


13.2" from the base to the top of curve – 1.6" wide – 15.75" extended from the wall




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